UC Hastings Diploma Replacement

Use this form to request a replacement diploma. University regulations prohibit students from having more than one copy of their diploma; therefore, you must certify below that your original diploma was lost, damaged or destroyed, or that your name is legally changed. For apostille requests or diploma replacement rush orders, please contact the Records Office directly.  Apostille requests and rush orders may include additional fees.

For diplomas to bear a new legal name, please submit this order form and contact the Records Office at records@uchastings.edu for the procedure to submit documentation (e.g., marriage license or court order) with the new legal name.

The diploma replacement fee is $45.00. Your diploma will not be released if there are holds on your student record. The diploma size is 17" w x 11" h. Please note that diplomas are issued in the format currently used and bear the signatures of the present University and State officers.  The word "Reissue" will appear at the bottom edge of the replacement diploma. If you would like another individual to pick up the diploma from the Records Office on your behalf, please email Records with a signed request that includes the name of the individual who will pick up the diploma. Contact the Records Office if you have any questions at records@uchastings.edu.

I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that my original diploma is lost, destroyed or, subsequent to my graduation from the University, I legally changed my name as stated below, and I request a replacement.

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